Gorsko Kalugerovo, Bulgaria
  • Property type: House
  • Offer type: Pay Monthly , Reserved
  • Property Name: Scenery House
  • ID: 433
  • District: Veliko Tarnovo
  • Municipality: Suhindol
  • Town/Village: Gorsko Kalugerovo
  • Street: 8 Chetirinadeseta Str.
  • Rooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Built area: 95 m²
  • Year: 1955
  • Property area: 1149 m²
  • Notary deal: The fees for the Notary transfer (deal) are not included in the property price, and they must be paid by the buyer prior to the deal. They are: 350£ (Notary & Legal Fees) + 5% of the property price (Governmental Fees)
  • Pay monthly plan: £500 Deposit + Min. £300 monthly instalments until the property is paid off


Solid 2-storey house with typical Bulgarian look!

Great location – only 24 miles close to the historic City of Veliko Tarnovo10 miles away from the Municipal center – Suhindol and very close to the Town of Pavlikeni – 10 miles. Also one of the biggest towns in the area Sevlievo is only 16 miles away, which combines green surroundings and calm life with the closeness to the local towns.

The village is located close to the mighty Alexander Stamboliiski Dam – only 10 minutes drive away.

Gorsko Kalugerovo is very well maintained with street lighting, good roads and shops. There are water and electricity in every property.

Today, there are English families in the village.

The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

– The Historical museum in the Town of Pavlikeni;

– The Pavlikeni Zoo – which is with free access for visitors;

– The ancient ceramic center near the Town of Pavlikeni;

– The Historical museum of Byala Cherkva;

– Alexander Stamboliiski Dam – just 7 miles to one of the biggest dams in Norht Bulgaria;

– Kramolin Dam – only 5 miles from the village;

– Goliama Garvanitsa Cave;

– Gladnik Waterfall.


Property address

8 Chetirinadeseta Str.

Village of Gorsko Kalugerovo – District of Veliko Tarnovo

Post Code: 5238 

On the ground floor of the house you will find a kitchen area, a dining room and a basement.

The basement and dining room are with stone walls.

On the first floor of the house you will find a balcony, a corridor and three bedrooms.

From the balcony you can enjoy the incredible view.

Next to the house there is a utility room and a shower room.

Some of rooms are with traditionally furnished.

There are outbuildings that offer more storage space. Also they are suitable for workshop and livestock breeding.

There is a big entrance/shed where a car can be parked, also there is а possibility to park cars on the street in front of the house.

The garden is spacious and it is perfect for growing your own vegetables or just to enjoy the beautiful green surrounding nature.

Water connection and electric installation have recently been inspected.

The roof is in perfect condition, as shown in the photos.


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Floorplan Scenery House (click to view)