Property Consulting, Translation and Insurance Services

If you’re wondering who can provide you consultancy before buying a house in Bulgaria, then search no longer. We offer a full pack of pre and after sale services for foreign customers in one place. We can take care of all your acts meeting the norms of Bulgarian laws.

• Check the deeds and make sure there are no debts against the property;
• Draw up the title deeds for the deal;
• Assist with opening a bank account upon request;
• Register the purchased real estate in the local Tax Office;
• Submit the annual tax declaration of your business;
• Arrange payments to be done.

If you’re a citizen of the EU, it is not necessary to form a company to buy real estate, as the Bulgarian Legislation states that all citizens from the EU can acquire regulated plots of land on their personal names. Since 01.01.2014 EU citizens are allowed as well to buy agricultural plots of land on their personal names without needing to register a company.
Other foreign citizens, out of EU or EEA countries, are under the old restriction and they must
register a Bulgarian Company in order to buy.
Mowlem Bulgaria is glad to assist you with the process of registering your company.

We will arrange the translation of all paperwork related to your company and real estate as well as extra documents from Bulgarian to English upon request. You don’t need to separately search or hire an expensive translator or visit the office in the city. Just let us know what you need.

Buying a house or land abroad can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Wherever you choose to live, you need to consider protecting your investments. We believe property, life and travel insurance are the most important aspects of living and buying abroad.
Whatever your preferences are we can assist you in getting different types of property insurance and policies with full or limited coverage.

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