The municipality of Strazhitsa is located in Northern Bulgaria and is one of the constituent municipalities of the District of Veliko Tarnovo.

The settlement network of the municipality covers 21 villages and 1 town – the administrative center – Strazhitsa. The municipality is located in the northeastern part of the District of Veliko Tarnovo.

The Municipality of Strazhitsa occupies part of the fore-Balkan and the Danubian Plain. Many important communications of regional and national significance pass through its territory. The Railway line Sofia-Gorna Oryahovitsa-Varna is of national significance.

The town of Strazhitsa is only 23 miles away from the City of Veliko Tarnovo.

The population in the municipality is about 14 331 people.

Water resources are defined by the rivers Stara Reka, Lefedja, Golyama Reka, Kazaldere and Shipa, and also by 30 micro-dam lakes, the largest of which is Kazaldere. The natural settings of the Municipality of Strazhitsa are favorable for the development of tourism – fishing, hiking, hunting, eco-tourism and others. The villages in the semi-mountainous area are particularly suitable for developing rural tourism.

Tourism and landmarks:

– The temple “Holy Virgin” in the town of Strazhitsa;

– The Landscape Park “Little Bulgaria” – is located 11 miles away from the town of Strazhitsa, between the village of Kesarevo and the village of Zhelezartsi, District of Veliko Tarnovo. The territory of the park is marked with signs on the main road Sofia – Varna, as the sites are located on both sides of the road. The roadside park is a great place for a full walk-in nature and an unforgettable time for the whole family with the remarkable views. The park has camps and picnics, as well as barbecue facilities;

– House-museum of the poet Asen Raztsvetnikov – in the village of Draganovo, 18 miles from Strazhitsa. The exhibition presents a collection of documents and personal belongings of the writer, including photos, letters, and autographs;

– “Stara Reka” Eco-trail – located 11 miles from the town of Strazhitsa. In the immediate vicinity of eco-trail “Stara Reka” is a waterfall with a unique natural formation – called “Garbavata cheshma”. The water of the waterfall is very calcareous, due to which a rock formation with a length of about 10 meters and a height of over 3 meters has been formed. There is a meadow convenient for camping on the very bank of the river.