Batin is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in Municipality of Borovo, District of Ruse.

The village is located 18 miles away from the Municipal center – Town of Borovo17 miles away from the Town of Dve Mogili22 miles away from the Town of Byala40 miles from away the Town of Svishtov and 32 miles from the City of Ruse.

The village is located 7 miles east of the Yantra River and only 1 mile south of the Danube River.

The village is well maintained. There is a town hall, a community center and shops.

There is a regular bus transport to the nearby towns and villages.

The population of the village is about 590 people.

Just over 1 mile north of the village, amid the waters of the Danube, to the right bank is the Batin Island. It is 4 miles long and 2 miles wide and covers an average water area of 4200 acres. It is the 4th largest Danube Island. This terrain is full of plant species of willows and Canadian poplar, and the rest is covered with grass.

Batin Island is home to the hunting area “Batin Island”, and a hunting lodge that bears the name of the island is located there. It offers 1 suite and 5 double rooms, as well as dining room with an open fireplace and there is also a large terrace from which one can see wonderful panoramic views of the Bulgarian bank of the Danube. Activities offered in the hunting area include: Red Deer Hunting, Roe Deer Hunting, Wild Boar Hunting, Fishing, etc.

In the recent past, Batin was connected to the world by water as well, because numerous ships carrying cargo and passengers on the Danube stopping at Batin’s small port.

The immediate proximity to the Danube River and the abundance of groundwater create Batin’s glory as a non-drying water source. There were 12 fountains in the village. The village was fully water supplied in 1966. The best drinking water is the “Solakova fountain” in “Balar Dere” area.

2 miles away to the north of the village are preserved remains of an ancient Thracian fortress called The Scaidava Fortress. Batin was founded at its present location, probably in the seventeenth century, by residents of the ancient nearby village of Kyuchuk Stambol, destroyed by an earthquake.

In the so-called “Kale Bair” area, under a recently implemented project for tourism infrastructure of Borovo Municipality, an eco-friendly tourist route was created, with length 2400 m and new recreational facilities were built, such as benches, gazebos, barbecues, outdoor stage and 150 seating areas, children’s playgrounds, etc. The place offers breathtaking views of the picturesque banks of the Danube and Batin Island.

The Danube provides great opportunities for recreation, hunting and fishing, as well as wildlife and bird watching, and the Yantra River, which is also not far away, is preferred for kayaking. Cycling fans can also have a great time here, since through the village of Batin passes a section of the popular EuroVelo 6 route, known to cycle tourists around the world for its wonderful scenery. Bird-watching enthusiasts will also appreciate the area, since Batin Island is located against the western end of an important bird area “Mechka Fishponds”. The fishponds, together with Batin Island and Bezimenen Island (against their eastern end) provide valuable habitats for water birds during the breeding, wintering and migration. It supports 177 bird species, 62 of which are listed in the Red Data Book for Bulgaria.

Because of the proximity of the Danube River, fishing has always been an important part of the village identity, heritage and the life of the locals. You also can always buy fresh fish from local fishermen during fishing season and every summer the locals organise a special celebration, the so-called “Fish Day” when they prepare the famous Batin fish soup and various other fish dishes for the guests of the event. The annual village fair, which along with the “Fish Day” celebration is one of the most important dates in the village’s social life calendar, takes place on the last Sunday of August. People return from all over the country and from abroad to reunite with their families for a day of fun, memories and honouring their roots.

The village has a renovated “Batin Arena” stadium, and it is famous for the “Dunav Batin” football club.