Drenov is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Lovech, District of Lovech.

The village of Drenov was founded in the 18th century. It is located in a hilly area, in the valley of a semi-dried river near the Devetashko karst plateau, where the Danube plain ends.

It is located 15 miles from the City of Lovech and 20 miles away from the City of Pleven.

Drenov borders the villages of Doyrentsi, Alexandrovo, Vladinya and Valchitran.

In the village there is a restored small church and a community center with a lot of activities.

The nearby Aleksandrovo Dam offers excellent conditions for fishing, as well as do the beautiful and well known Osam River that floats just few miles from the village.

The population in the village is approximately 344 people.

Many years ago, the foundations of stone buildings were discovered in the vicinity of the village. Many ancient coins from Thracian and Roman times were found during their excavation.