Pepelina is a small and charming village, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, hidden among the rock curves. Perhaps this is the reason why Pepelina has its unique atmosphere of peace and purity.
The village is located in the Municipality of Dve Mogili, District of Ruse, in a picturesque canyon of the Cherni Lom River, part of the Rusenski Lom Nature Park. In the village, there is an office of the deputy mayor in the village, but no shop, no pharmacy, no pub, no community centre, no library. The perfect place for people who want to be away from civilization.
According to the National Statistical Institute, the population is of the village consists of 11 inhabitants, which makes the village the smallest in terms of population in the District of Ruse. There are currently 10 people with a permanent address and 40 people with a current address in the village, and 19-20 people live there all year round. Many citizens of Ruse choose the village for a weekend getaway.
In the village there is an Orthodox church named after Saint Dimitar, built on the site of an old chapel. The temple was completed in 1925. A rare icon of the Holy Virgin was discovered in it.
Near the village is the Orlova Chuka cave – the second largest in Bulgaria with a total length of galleries of 13,437 meters and the largest cave open for visits. Nearby is also the Fortress Town of Cherven – a Medieval Bulgarian town, one of the most important military, cultural and spiritual centres of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (12-14 centuries), the Monastery of St. Marina, the Rock Hewn-Churches, the Basarbovo Rock Monastery, the Town of Byala, the Archaeological complex Nikopolis ad Istrum.
The beautiful scenery and inaccessible cliffs are home to many birds and bats, some of them rare species. There are excellent conditions for fishing and hunting around the village, as well as for recreational activities.