Before you purchase a real estate, it is essential to see it in person. Mowlem offers organised viewings to a selected property, whether it is a house, villa, commercial estate or plot of land. You can come and check it by yourself accompanied by one of our professional agents. The trip can include one or more locations depending on your budget and the region of interest. Our agents will show everything which meets your preferences in the preferred region within one day.

We try to make it easy for our customers to visit the properties they consider to purchase. We will organise the trip with a pickup from a convenient address like your hotel in the City of Ruse and drive you personally to the place, or arrange a meeting at a popular and easy to find location near the viewing point if you have your own transport.

We’re happy to show you everything you would like to see that we have available on the date of the viewing. In order to guarantee we will be available, it is advisable to book the viewing some time in advance and not in the last minute.

How to book your trip:
• Contact us through our CONTACT page or through Reply to the listing from the page of the property you would like to view; or call us on the phone;
• Inform us the date of your arrival and how many days you will be staying in Bulgaria;
• Let us know whether you will need transport (fee) from the airport in Bucharest (Romania) or Sofia (Bulgaria) to the hotel you will be staying in our City of Ruse on the date of your arrival;
• Inform us the address of the hotel you are staying in our City of Ruse;
• We will choose a convenient time and date to make the viewing trip and let you know.

Get in touch with Mowlem. We are here for your support.