The Village of Syanovo is а beautiful and quiet settlement in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is situated in the Municipality of Tutrakan, District of Silistra. The village is surrounded by beautiful rural scenery. The pastures around it made it an area with well-developed cattle breeding back in the day, which was the traditional livelihood of the locals. Today, the local population is 52 people (according to the latest census from 2024).

The village is home to the Syanovo Monastery “St. Marina”. In the monastery chapel there is a spring, known for its healing water. Every year on July 17th, the Day of Saint Marina, many worshipers from all over the country gather in the monastery. It is the only active monastery in the region with spring water.

The traditional village fair is organised annually on July 20th, when the Feast of the Prophet Elijah is celebrated.


Museum Of Danube Fishing and Boatbuilding in the Town of Tutrakan;

Architectural complex “Ribarska mahala” – the only natural river fishing settlement in Bulgaria, situated in Tutrakan. There visitors can see preserved fishing nets, boat workshops and fisherman homes;

Turkish Hazel, which is a protected species, occupies an afforested area along the road from Kubrat town to Tutrakan town;

Ecomuseum with an aquarium – located in the City of Ruse;

The Pantheon of National Revival Heroes – located in the City of Ruse;

The Historical Museums in Ruse.