Ivanovo Municipality is located in North-Central Bulgaria in Ruse District. The Municipality consists of 13 villages with municipal center in the Village of Ivanovo, located at a distance of 20 km southwest from Ruse city. The main road E85 crosses the area from south to north, connecting the province centre of Ruse with the cities of Veliko Tarnovo and respectively Pleven and Sofia.

Archeological reserves in the region are the Rock Monastery near Ivanovo village, and the Medieval town of Cherven.

Ivanovo Rock-hewn Churches are under UNESCO protection. They are a group of monolithic churches, chapels and monasteries hewn out of solid rock and completely different from other monastery complexes in Bulgaria, located near the Village of Ivanovo, on the high rocky banks of the Rusenski Lom, 32m above the river. The complex is noted for its beautiful and well-preserved medieval frescoes.