The Municipality of Letnitsa is a small municipality in the District of Lovech, Central-North Bulgaria, located on the border between the area of the Balkan mountain range (Stara Planina) and the Danubian Plain. It is named after its administrative centre – the Town of Letnitsa.
The municipality covers a territory of 178 km2, with a population of 3 542 residents as of 31.12.2022. It includes the following 4 settlements: the Town of Letnitsa and the villages of Gorsko Slivovo, Krushuna and Karpachevo.
The main water artery of the Municipality of Letnitsa is the Osam River, which flows through it from southwest to northeast. On the right, small and short rivers and ravines flow into it, starting from the Devetashko Plateau. In the southeastern part of the municipality, mainly along the border with the Municipality of Suhindol, flows the upper course of the Lomya River (right tributary of Osam). Small and short ravines flow into it from the left, which also originates from the Devetashko Plateau.
There are a number of natural landmarks on the territory of the municipality of Letnitsa that make it a popular tourist destination. Among those are the Krushuna Waterfalls – a karst cascade located near the Village of Krushuna. The waterfalls are the biggest travertine cascade in the country, unique with their picturesque scenery, lush vegetation, numerous round-shaped terraces and small natural pools with mineral water. The main waterfall is about 20 m high and it splits into several smaller ones along its way down the soft limestone rocks. There is a path that allows visitors to go up the river and get to the spring of the waterfall hidden in a cave. Along the way, there are steps and bridges so that one can get the best views of the cascades, pools and mossy rocks. In the rocks around the Krushuna Waterfalls, one can spot a few ancient caves that were inhabited by Christian hermits practising Hesychasm, an Eastern Orthodox mystical tradition of prayer in solitude and seclusion, in the XIII–XIV centuries.
On the territory of the Municipality of Letnitsa are also situated some of the biggest and most spectacular caves in Bulgaria – an amazing cave complex made up of deep and steep gorges in the rocks, a network of subterranean chambers filled with the ghostly glow of sunlight seeping through fissures in the rock.
The municipality is also famous for the Roman fortresses “Kaleto” and “Daran-Baran”, the remains of which are located about 500 meters south of the Village of Krushuna and are approximately from the 2nd century BC. They are said to have been an important strategic stronghold for the Romans against the invading tribes from the north.