The Municipality of Tsar Kaloyan is a small municipality in the District of Razgrad, Northeastern Bulgaria, located in the Danubian Plain about 17 miles southeast of the Danube River. It is named after its administrative centre – the town of Tsar Kaloyan.

The municipality covers a territory of 186.42 km2 (71.98 sq.m) with a population of about 6,000 inhabitants.

The main road E70 crosses the area, connecting the province centre of Razgrad with the city of Ruse and respectively the Danube Bridge with the eastern operating part of Hemus motorway.

The Municipality of Tsar Kaloyan includes the following 3 settlements: the town of Tsar Kaloyan and the villages of Ezerche and Kostandenets.

The Municipality is mainly agricultural, the main sector being plants-growing.

The Beli Lom reserve is located within the Municipality. It occupies an area of 7,730,000 sq. m with forests, rocks and flooded areas of the Beli Lom River. The caves and rock niches contain preserved remains of old Christian monasteries and churches. Remains of a fortification and a marble relief of Ceres – the Roman goddess of agriculture, fertility, grains, the harvest, motherhood, the earth, and cultivated crops provide evidence about the inhabitants of this land back when it was under the rule of the Roman Empire.

Two dam lakes and eight fish-farms are situated within the Municipality of Tsar Kaloyan and offer opportunities for sports fishing.