The village of Kostandenets is located in Northeastern Bulgaria, Municipality of Tsar Kalyoan, District of Razgrad. It is situated in a vast plain on both banks of the Mali Lom River.

It has an excellent location – only 5 miles away from the Municipal center – Tsar Kaloyan and 20 miles away from the Town of Popovo. It is also very close to the District Centre Razgrad – 22 miles away, 27 miles away from the City of Ruse – the biggest Bulgarian city and port on the Danube River and a popular tourist destination, and about 100 miles away from the biggest Bulgarian City on the Black Sea coast – the City of Varna.

There are a couple of legends about the name of the village. The more popular one says that the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, in order to strengthen the northern border of the Roman Empire and protect it from the barbarian tribes, built a number of fortresses along the Danube, including fortresses on the Mali Lom River. One of those is the fortress, which nowadays is called Kaleto, which is a naturally fortified height. It was discovered and explored for the first time by the famous Czech-Bulgarian archaeologist Karel Václav Škorpil who in 1914 in work “Description of Antiquities along the Ruse River Lom” claimed that in ancient times the fortress was called Constanta. Today, only the foundations of the fortress walls have remained of it.

The church “St. Dimitrii” was built in 1860 by the local population, and in 1862 a school was opened in two small rooms in its courtyard. In 1933, the school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” was opened. In 1918, the Community center “Otets Paisii” was founded.

In 2023 the local residents have launched an initiative for renovation of the church.

The village is very well maintained with a population of 150 residents. There are many ex-pats from the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. There is a town hall, an active community centre, a church and shops. Tourists and visitors can also enjoy a number of guest houses, and fish ponds with a campsite hotel and lovely BBQ area as well as an option caravan for rent.

The Village Fair takes place every year on November 8th – St. Dimitar’s Day (old style).

 The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

– The Orthodox “St. Dimitar Church” in the village of Kostandenets – built in 1860;

– Community Centre “Otets Paisii 1918”  – in the village of Kostandenets;

– The Kaleto Fortress dating back to the Late Antiquity in the Dolap Boaz area near the village of Svalenik;

– The Medieval Town of Cherven;

– The Cave Monastery of Nisovo;

– Rusenski Lom Nature Park.