The village of Pomoshtitsa is situated in Northeastern Bulgaria, in the Municipality of Popovo, District of Targovishte. The village is located on two slopes in a semi-mountainous area. A small tributary of the Omurski Lom River (Malki Lom River) flows through the middle of the village. In the land of the village, a variety of ancient finds from the Neolithic to the medieval era can be found to this day. The neighbouring villages include Osenets, Balkanski, Blagoevo, Lomtsi, Kozitsa and Sadina.

Great location – surrounded by the Town of Popovo – approximately 13 miles from the village, the Town of Targovishte – located only 34 miles away, the biggest city in the area the City of Ruse – also only 40 miles away, the City of Veliko Tarnovo – 61 miles, the coastal City of Varna – 96 miles, the Bulgarian capital Sofia – 196 miles.

The population of Pomoshtitsa according to the latest census is 46 people. In the village, you can find a Village Hall, an active community centre, and an Orthodox church. You can find food shops in the neighbouring villages of Sadina and Lomtsi and in the town of Popovo, which is only 13 miles away from the village, you can find a variety of shops and supermarkets.

In the last few years, several families from the Netherlands and Great Britain have bought properties and settled in the Pomoshtitsa. In the village, there are also a number of holiday homes that have been built in recent years.

The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

– “St. Archangel Michael” Church built in 1926 in the village of Pomoshtitsa;

– Community centre “St. St. Cyril and Methodius -1956” in the village of Pomoshtitsa;

– Malki Lom River;

– Orthodox Church of St. Archangel Michael in the town of Popovo – an almost Revival complex consisting of a neat white church with beautiful frescoes, a bell tower, a stone fence and a quiet courtyard with vineyards, a fountain, flowers and memorial tablets, and the tombs of priests;

– The Late Roman fortress and the town of Kovachevsko Kale – it is located about 4 miles west of the center of Popovo;

– “Kavatsite” Dam – located in the vicinity of the town of Popovo. A very suitable place for relaxation coupled with sport fishing with tickets;