Razgrad municipality is situated along the valley of the Beli Lom River in the direction southeast – northwest, 37 miles away from City of Ruse, 80 miles away from City of Varna and Black Sea, 34 miles away from Town of Shumen and 22 miles away from Town of Targovishte. The district borders Ruse, Targovishte, Shumen and Silistra regions.


Razgrad has for many centuries been a natural crossroads, crossed by important road arteries, connecting Central Europe with the Black Sea region and Asia. The first class road Ruse-Varna and a railway line, which are the shortest strategic connection between the Danube and the Black Sea, pass through the municipality’s administrative centre.

Razgrad dates back from Thracial times. Centuries after that, the Romans build a town-fortress called Arbitrus. They have left us a heritage – 4 kg of pure gold – Bulgaria’s biggest gold coin treasure. There is another cultural heritage in the district – unique Thracian tomb, which is in UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage.

The hunting site of Voden offers wonderful conditions for hunting tourism. The populations of red and fallow deer, wild boar, aurochs and moufflon are regarded high as trophies in the region.