Krushovene is a village in North Bulgaria. It is situated in Municipality of Dolna Mitropoliya, District of Pleven.

It is 19 miles north of the town of Dolna Mitropoliya, 13 miles in the same direction from the Town of Trastenik and 25 miles from the City of Pleven.

The village of Krushovene is located on the left bank of Iskar River in proximity to Danube River.

Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

There are constructed water and electricity installations and the drainage canals were reconstructed.

The population of the village is about 1019 people.

The village is well maintained. There are functioning a town hall, a church, a primary school, a kindergarten, a community center, shops and restaurants. Two GPs take care for the people in the village. The nearest high school is in the town of Trastenik where are working also dentist and a pharmacy. Specialized medical assistance you can get at the hospitals on the territory of Dolna Mitropoliya and in Pleven.

There are a stadium and football club named “Vihar”. There are also grass hockey teams – twelve and fourteen year olds from the local school.

Tourism and landmarks

In the land of the village of Krushovene it is located the protected area “Genchov orman” which was declared such in 1962 and the century year old oak forest in proximity to the old riverbed of Iskar river. Its area is 27,3 ha with average age of the trees is 170 years. The biggest tree ”Tsaritsata” or the Queen /summer oak – Querqus ceris/ is with stem circumference 6,50 m, 23 meters height and is more than five centuries old. Among the old oaks there are field elm and white poplar.

The proximity to the rivers Iskar and Danube offers great conditions for fishing and eco tourism.

The local cultural and archaeological heritage in the area is presented mainly by ancient town “Ulpia Eskus” near the village of Gigen which is declared cultural monument with national significance. It consists of remains from Roman and Byzantium cities.