The village of Lozitsa is famous with its big vine massifs and traditions in vine-growing. It can offer amenities such as two food shops, a bar, a church, a police office, a health service and regular transport to the towns nearby. The region is peaceful and beautiful and is appropriate for outside activities hiking, hunting and fishing – Osam River is only 3 miles away.

Lozitsa is considerably well maintained village with asphalted main streets and lighting. There are constructed water and electricity systems. Also phone system is available and the mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.


– In the village there is Orthodox church named “St Troitsa”.

Lozitsa village is famous for its first class red wine produced here – Cabernet Sauvignon Lozitsa.

– In the Town of Nikopol there are many landmarks such “Eliya” drinking fountain, the church “St. St. Petar and Paul”, the Nikopol fortress, “Vassil Levksi museum” etc.

– Just 10 miles near the Town of Belene is The natural park Persina. It encompasses the 19 Belenski islands. It is unique and significant ecologically for having located there three biosphere reserves:

“Persinski marshes” – wet zone with international significance that is inhabited by many colonies of marsh birds. It is breeding sight of the mute swan and unique gathering place in the autumn for the black stork.

“Milka” and “Kitka” encompass the eponymous islands of the archipelago and include preserved floodplain forests from white willow and poplar. Here are nesting pairs of sea eagles very rare species included in the “Red Book of Bulgaria” and in the book “Endangered birds in Europe”.

Protected area “Kaikusha” – remains of wet zone in the Svishtovsko-Belenskara low land.

The coastal City of Varna with its famous beach resorts and international airport is about 175 miles away from the village.

The village is located approximately 125 miles to the capital City Sofia & International Sofia Airport, and only about 115 miles away to the City of Bucharest (RO) and its International Airport “Otopeni”.

The village is about 75 miles to the historical and touristic City of Veliko Tarnovo. Located on the famous “River Yantra” (the 3rd longest Bulgarian tributary of the Danube River), VT is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bulgaria. From its rich historical value to its thriving modern nightlife and lush natural surroundings that provide many excellent opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. Veliko Tarnovo offers you everything you could ever want for the perfect holiday!!