The Village of Varbovchets will give you everything you need for a peaceful and healthy living!!

The village is located in an amazing area, by the mighty Belogradchik Fortress.

The main road Vidin – Montana passes next to the village.

Just 1 mile away from the village flows the river Lom which is suitable for fishing.

The nearest kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and health institutions are located in the municipal Town of Dimovo.

The village is located approximately 100 miles to the capital City Sofia & International Sofia Airport, and about 38 miles away to the City of Vidin and its Danube Bridge 2 – the easiest way to Romanian border.

The village is only about 11 miles to the historical and touristic Belogradchik Fortress.

The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

– Magura Cave – located about 25 miles from Varbovchets. The cave is one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. It was carved from a river. It occupies over 30 000sq.m. of area and the total length of the galleries found so far is about 2500m.;

– Belogradchik Rocks – one of the most famous rock formations in Bulgaria, also part of the Hundred national tourist sites. The rocks are located 10 miles southwest;

– Venets Cave – it is located near the Village of Oreshets. The length along its main axis is about 200m. Extremely beautiful and rich in formations, comfortable to visit. Nowadays, the cavemen define Venets Cave as the most beautiful of all 121 caves discovered during the expeditions of the club “White bat”. It can be seen all kinds of secondary calcitic formations, which nature can create with its unique fantasy;

– Lepenitsa Cave – the cave is located only 11 miles from Varbovchets. It is considered to be part of the natural phenomenon of the Belogradchik Rocks and is probably close to that of the formations. Its walls are painted in the same brown-reddish color that flashes the structures above the ground. Like the Magura Cave, Lepenitsa is horizontal and open for trenches on the ground, and the entrance chamber is crossed on two floors;

– Eco-Trail “Zbegove” – The route is medium heavy. It mainly passes along shaped paths. The Western massif of the Belogradchik Rocks is observed. The “Zbegove” area is part of an old complex of security and observation points, traces of facilities can still be found. From the observation tower of “Zbegove”, there is a wonderful panorama to the Belogradchik rocks and Mount Vedernik;

– The Astronomical Observatory in Belogradchik – built in 1961 on the idea of ??Hristo Kostov (a teacher of physics at the city high school) and a group of fellow citizens – astronomy enthusiasts. The Observatory has 2 observation dome with diameters of 6 and 4 meters and three telescopes:

—The first – 15 cm telescope “Carl Zeiss” has a Maxwell – Kassegren system and is equipped with stellar and planetary cameras. Currently used only for demos;

—The second – 60 centimeter telescope “Kassegren” manufactured by Carl Zeiss – Jena. It was installed in 1969 and is the second largest telescope on the Balkans after Rojen.

—The third – a compact 14-inch telescope “Celestron” Schmidt-Kassegren system.

Since 1976, Belogradchik Astronomical Observatory has been the observatory base of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.