Alexander Stamboliiski Dam – It was built in 1954 and is the first large dam in Bulgaria. The dam wall is built on a German project that was created before the Second World War. The dam is built on the site of the village of Bara. When the water falls, at the bottom can be seen traces of buildings and the cross of the village church. The deepest places of the dam reach about 30-35 meters, and its length is 18 km.

If you are keen on water sports, Alexander Stamboliiski Dam is the perfect place for you, since it offers excellent conditions for surfing, sailing and water skiing. You can find accommodation in the bungalows situated near the dam from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Last but not least, the dam is famous for its excellent fishing opportunities—it is home to catfish, perch, carp, etc.

Right near the Dam wall is located the village of Gorsko Kosovo, with a population of 127 people. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and the Rositsa River running through it provides opportunities for fishing and other recreation activities.

The Alexander Stamboliiski Dam is located 7 miles away from the Town of Suhindol, 15 miles away from the Town of Pavlikeni, 22 miles away from the Town of Sevlievo and 30 miles away from the City of Veliko Tarnovo.