Garchinovo is a village in Northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Opaka, District of Targovishte.

The village is located only 6 miles away from the Town of Opaka14 miles away from the Town of Popovo37 miles away from the City of Targovishte30 miles away from the City of Ruse31 miles away from the City of Razgrad and 194 miles away from the capital City of Sofia.

Asphalt roads connect the village with the Towns of Popovo and Ruse and with the neighbour Villages of Lublen and Krepcha.

The population is approximately 508 people.

There is a town hall, a community center, a post office, a home for the elderly and shops.

According to an old legend, the village owes its name to a Greek merchant who built an inn in this area. Gradually, people stopped and began to settle there, because it was a peaceful and quiet place.

The local football team is called “Urozhai”. The team plays home games at the stadium in the village.