Nedan is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of PavlikeniDistrict of Veliko Tarnovo.

Nedan is located about 28 miles away from the Historical City of Veliko Tarnovomiles from the Town of Pavlikeni10 miles from the Town of Levski25 miles from the Town of Polski Trambesh and about 132 miles from the capital City of Sofia.

The population is approximately 1315 people.

Nedan is a well developed village. There are shops, a town hall, a post office, a community center, a church and a kindergarten

During archeological excavations in 2020 in connection with the construction of the Balkan Stream gas pipeline, more than 1,100 animal remains of 18 species were collected, including a red deer, a roe deer, a wolf, a viper and others. These finds date from the 9th-10th century AD and prove the former distribution of deciduous mixed forests with the presence of open areas.

The Orthodox Church “St. Archangel Michael” located in the village was built in 1852. An interesting artifact is an inscription built into the floor of the church. It has been established that it was erected in 136 AD. It was found in the Village of Butovo and was later moved to the Village of Nedan. It is currently built in front of the altar of the church in the Village of Nedan. The temple has the status of artistic immovable cultural property with a category of “local significance”.

The Village of Nedan is famous for its 400-year-old elm tree, located in the center of the village.