Obnova is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in the Municipality of Levski, District of Pleven. Obnova is the largest village in the Municipality of Levski.

The village is located about 12 miles away from the Town of Levski, 22 miles away from the City of Pleven, 26 miles away from the Town of Svishtov, 31 miles away from the Town of Nikopol, 55 miles away from City of Veliko Tarnovo and 121 miles away from the capital City of Sofia.

The first-class republican road 3 passes through the village in the west-east direction – part of the European road E83, leading to the west past the village of Totleben to Pleven, and to the east – through Balgarene and Kozar Belene, Gorna Studena, Maslarevo and Peychinovo to the European road E85. There are bus connections with Sofia, Pleven, Ruse, Belene, Levski, Svishtov, Nikopol. The buses on the regular line Sofia – Bucharest – Sofia stop for rest in the village.

The village of Obnova is located in the middle part of the Danube hilly plain, about a mile south of the Osam River. The Pordimska Bara River flows through the village, flowing into the Osam River. About 500 meters north of the road before entering the village from the west of the village of Totleben there is a small dam.

For the fishing lovers, the Osam River with its old beds attracts young and old. The fishing competitions that are organized bring a lot of emotions to the participants.

There are three micro-dams along the Pordimska Bara, which are used for sport fishing. Great place for recreation and entertainment.

An interesting landmark for the village is the area along the river Osam. It is a wetland – the area “Gerena” and its adjacent territories, as a habitat of protected and rare species: aquatic plants; nesting and migrating birds; mammals, etc. The Gerena area is included in the Obnova Protected Area and is part of the European Natura 2000 Protected Areas Network.

The population is approximately 2026 people.

The village of Obnova was formed by uniting the villages of Radinenets – until then in the Pleven District, and Vinaya – until then in the Nikopol District.

In the village there are active: a town hall, a community center, a primary school, a post station. In the village you will also find many restaurants, cafes, shops. There are several bakeries for bread, mills, a furniture company, a car service, a dairy, a workshop for making sunflower oil, a bank office, a petrol station, etc.

There are two churches in the village. From the village of Radinenets is preserved and functioning the church “Holy Trinity”, built and painted in 1895 with icons and frescoes by masters of the Ilievtsi family. The church of the village of Vinaya – “Holy Ascension”, which has extremely beautiful architecture, was until recently half-destroyed. It was built in 1897. In 2008 it underwent major repairs and at present the church is well maintained.