Denmark is the country with the highest cost of living, Bulgaria, the lowest, where the expenses are about 50% lower than the average for the European Union. Deutsche Welle cites more interesting data on prices in European countries:

Danes pay the most for food, while the Romanians pay the least. This is shown by Eurostat data for 2019.

Overall the cost of living is the lowest in Bulgaria (47.2% below the average for the EU) and in Romania (45.1% below the average).

Of course, here Denmark is leading, where the cost of living is the highest – 41.3% above the EU average. Ireland, Luxembourg and Finland are next.

The formula “expensive North, cheap Southeast” is preserved, notes the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and cites some of the data: for example, alcohol costs the most in Finland and Ireland, and the cheapest in Romania. In Ireland, the most expensive are also cigarettes, and the cheapest are in Bulgaria.

Hotel or restaurant in Denmark will cost you about three times more than the same service in Bulgaria or Romania. HiFi, TV’s and appliances are the most expensive in France and in this category of goods, the differences in prices are not very large. The same applies to the prices of clothing, which are the lowest in Bulgaria and the highest in Denmark.

It is the cheapest in Europe to live in North Macedonia and Turkey, followed by Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania.