Pepelina, Ruse, Bulgaria
£ 30,250
  • Offer type: Pay Monthly , Reserved
  • District: Ruse
  • ID: 541
  • Rooms: 5
  • Built area: 73 m²
  • Property area: 1470 m²
  • Property type: House
  • Property Name: Gravity House
  • Municipality: Dve Mogili
  • Town/Village: Pepelina
  • Street: 1 Nayden Kirov Str.
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Year: 1950
  • Notary deal: The fees for the Notary transfer (deal) are not included in the property price, and they must be paid by the buyer at the end, once the property price is fully paid and prior to the notary deal. They are: 500£ (Notary & Legal Fees) + 5% of the property price (Governmental Fees)
  • Pay monthly plan: £700 Deposit (deducted from the property price) + Min. £650 monthly instalments until the property is paid off



A 2-storey house with a shower room and toilet and a big park-like garden

The property is located in the Village of Pepelina, Municipality of Dve Mogili, District of Ruse. Pepelina is a hidden gem, with breathtaking views of stunning landscapes and a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. However, although away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, at the same time Pepelina is not far from towns and cities, where you can find all the necessary conveniences, and facilities, as well as places for entertainment and tourist attractions:

• only 4 miles away from the Municipal Centre – the Town of Dve Mogili – where you can find shops, cafes, eateries, a market, etc., also there is good public transport by bus and train to neighbouring settlements and the rest of the country;

• only 12 miles away from the Town of Borovo – the town exudes cosiness and a quintessential small-town charm. Borovo has all the amenities necessary for modern life such as а pharmacy, a restaurant, a number of food shops and building materials shops, a petrol station, a train station, a school and a kindergarten, etc., while at the same time living close to nature and enjoying the beauty of the Bulgarian countryside;

• only 16 miles away from the Town of Byala – the town oozes small-town charm and offers all necessary amenities – it has many shops, a hospital, a kindergarten, schools, a farmer’s market, a number of eating establishments and cafes;

• only 24 miles from the City of Ruse – the biggest Bulgarian city and port on the Danube River and a popular tourist destination, affectionately dubbed “The Little Vienna” for its exquisite 19th- and 20th-century Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo architecture, the city offers lots of places to visit, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment spots.

The Village of Pepelina is located in a picturesque canyon of the Cherni Lom River, part of the Rusenski Lom Nature Park. There is an office of a mayor’s representative in the village, but no shop, no pharmacy, no pub, no community centre, no library. The perfect place for people who want to be away from civilization. According to the National Statistical Institute, the population is 11 inhabitants, which makes the village the smallest in terms of population in the District of Ruse. In reality, about 19-20 residents live in Pepelina all year round. Many citizens of Ruse choose the village for a weekend getaway. The beautiful scenery and inaccessible cliffs are home to many birds and bats, some of them rare species. There are excellent conditions for fishing and hunting around the village, as well as for recreational activities.

The most attractive landmarks in the area are:

The Church of “Saint Dimitar” in the Village of Pepelina, completed in 1925;

Orlova Chuka Cave – with a total length of 13,437 m, Orlova Chuka is the second longest cave in Bulgaria (2 miles from Pepelina);

The Fortress Town of Cherven – a Medieval Bulgarian town, one of the most significant military, cultural and spiritual centres of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (12-14 c.) (11 miles from Pepelina);

“Saint Marina” Monastery in the Village of Karan Varbovka (11 miles from Pepelina);

Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo (12 miles from Pepelina);

Basarbovo Rock Monastery (16 miles from Pepelina).


Property address

1 Nayden Kirov Str.

Village of Pepelina – District of Ruse

Post Code: 7158

Away from people and close to nature! Is this your idea of heaven? If you are nodding your head with excitement, then we have the property just for you! The Gravity House in the village of Pepelina is exactly for people who want to relish in the gorgeous and pristine beauty of nature, drink in the stunning surrounding views and enjoy the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of this magical place, away from prying eyes! Just you, the amazing landscape and your property. Let’s find out more about it:

The house is spacious and full of natural light, offering you plenty of opportunities to upgrade it and turn it into your dream country home.

On the ground floor, you will find a sunny entrance hall leading to a shower room and toilet, a spacious kitchen, as well as two rooms – a smaller and a more generous one. With some work you can convert the ground floor into the ultimate gathering space for family and friends, thus dedicating the whole ground floor to fun and good time.

On the first floor of the house, you will find another sun-filled entrance hall, a corridor leading to a closet and two bright bedrooms, offering beautiful views towards the property garden, where. In contracts to the ground floor, the first floor can be your ultimate space for relaxation and peace, your own personal sanctuary of tranquillity and sweet dreams.

The property garden is definitely one of the most distinguished features of the property – sprawling and beautiful with multiple trees and a park-like feel, it is a place out of a fairy tale, where you can create your outdoor paradise.

There are outbuildings on the property which you can convert and use as a workshop, storage space, etc.

There is water and electricity connected to the property.

The roof is in good condition, as shown in the photos.

There is a garage for you to conveniently and safely park your vehicle. There is also a big parking gate for you to park in the garden.


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