The Municipality of Dolna Mitropoliya occupies an area of ​​674 814 decares in central northern Bulgaria. It covers part of the valleys of the rivers Danube, Iskar and Vit and the hilly heights between them.

 It borders the following municipalities: to the east – to Pleven and Gulyantsi, to the west – to Knezha and Oryahovo, to the south – to Pleven and Dolni Dabnik. The northern border is with the Danube River.

The Municipality of Dolna Mitropolia includes 16 settlements – 2 towns and 14 villages. The municipal center is Dolna Mitropolia and is located 7 miles from Pleven.

The relief is flat, at an altitude of 50-75 m, in the village of Oryahovitsa it is 50 m, and in the town of Dolna Mitropoliya – 62 m. Geologically, the area is part of the Musei Plateau.

The population of Municipality of Dolna Mitropoliya  is approximately 20 879 people.

Some of the biggest landmarks in the municipality are:

  • The settlement of Selishte – from the Roman Empire, left prehistoric settlements in the locality of Palatium, the northeastern part of the village of Baikal, about 100 acres, I in the BC. To the west of Palatium is a necropolis where sarcophagi with rich cult inventory are found. Near the village of Baikal there are traces of two unchecked settlements, where a clay vessel from II-III century was found with a picture of a human face, which is today exposed in the historical museum in the town of Pleven, as well as a bronze bronze sword kept in National Archaeological Museum in Sofia.
  • Ulpia Eskus – Ancient Roman city located to the east of the village of Baikal, 2 miles in Gradishte locality near the village of Gigen. The ancient city is well-researched and its boundaries are established. In 1947-1951 the archaeologists opened a large public building and in one of the rooms one of the best Roman multicolored floor mosaics on the Bulgarian lands was found. Attractive for tourists is the lapidarium museum near the ancient city.
  • Kailaka Zoo – is located near Pleven. It is located in the protected area of ​​the same name. Unique is that the animals live in natural caves. It has about 140 animals belonging to a total of 28 species. All animals are bred in pairs. Among the inhabitants are also lions.
  • Fortress Storgozia – located in Kailaka Park in the town of Pleven. The ancient settlement originates from a road station in the Roman Empire and was probably built on the site of an earlier Thracian settlement. The archeological finds from Storgozia and the necropolis, such as ceramics, weapons, coins, testify to the fact that the settlement lasted until the end of the 6th century.