The village of Koprivets is village in North Bulgaria, part of the Municipality of Byala, Ruse District. It is 38 miles southwest of Ruse, 9 miles southeast of Byala, 38 miles in the same direction from the town of Svishtov, 44 miles west of Razgrad and 38 miles northeast of Veliko Tarnovo. Through the village passes Baniska Lom River, one of the tributaries of Rusenski Lom.

The population is about 900 people.

Koprivets is a well-developed village with a town hall, a school, a kindergarten, a doctor’s and dental cabinet, a pharmacy, 4 shops, 3 pubs. Every Saturday there is a rural market.

In the village there are prerequisites for the development of hunting tourism. Nearby is the Belene Forest, where there is a red deer population. Several kilometers away from the village is Baniska dam, which is suitable for fishing. The dam provides the opportunity to fish for carp, chub, karakuda, catfish and other freshwater fish.

The monastery “St. Petka” and the church “St. Archangel Michael” are of interest. At 2 miles is the area of ​​”Zein kale”, where there are remnants of a Roman fortress. About 19 miles from the village are the Ivanovo Rock Churches, which are distinguished by the other rock monastery complexes in Bulgaria with their well-preserved frescoes. They are a branched net of small rock churches, chapels and churches carved at different heights in the rocks of the picturesque canyon of the Roussenski Lom River, which are connected by trails and rocky ladders.