The municipality of Kubrat is located in Northeastern Bulgaria and borders the municipalities of Tutrakan, Slivo Pole, Ruse, Razgrad, Vetovo and Zavet. The municipality is located in the center of Western Ludogorie and falls within District of Razgrad (North-East Bulgaria). The municipal centre is the town of Kubrat.

On the territory of the municipality of Kubrat there are 17 settlements: one town – municipal center Kubrat and 16 villages – Belovets, Bisertsi, Bozhurovo, Gorichevo, Zadruga, Zvanartsi, Medovene, Kamenovo, Madrevo, Ravno, Savin, Sevar, Seslav, Terter, Tochilari and Yuper. The majority of the population (60%) lives in villages.

The municipality of Kubrat is one of the transport corridors between Turkey and Romania. The transport in the municipality is only road. There are bus passenger connections with all settlements in the region, as well as with the districts of Razgrad, Silistra, Ruse and Varna. The town is a transport hub connected with the roads from Ruse to Zavet, Isperih and Shumen, as well as from Tutrakan to Razgrad, Popovo and Gabrovo.

The following transport arteries pass through the municipality: road II-49 (Razgrad – Kubrat – Tutrakan), which connects the municipality with the nearest railway station Prostorno, and with water transport (Tutrakan); road II-23 (Dulovo – Isperih – Kubrat – Ruse), which connects it with the other municipalities in the city.

The Yuperska koria protected area is located near Yuper village. There is a natural formation of wild red peony called Mushterica to the south of Belovets village. Turkish Hazel, which is a protected species, occupies an afforested area along the road from Kubrat town to Tutrakan town. The Wreaths of Rocks are located in Kamenovo village.

Small municipal water basins have been made near the villages of Yuper, Bozhourovo, Bissertsi, Gorichevo and others, which provide opportunities for sports fishing.