Yuper is a village in Northeastern Bulgarian, Municipality of Kubrat, District of Razgrad.

The village is located in the northernmost part of District of Razgrad near the Danube River. Republican Road II-21 and Republican Road III-2102 pass through the territory of Yuper. There are a few roads leading to the village of Yuper – from the towns of Marten and Slivo Pole and from the villages of Borisovo and Chereshevo.

The village is about 15 miles away from Town of Kubrat25 miles away from the City of Ruse (the road between Ruse and Yuper was rebuilt in 2020/2021 and is in perfect condition), 38 miles away from the City of Razgrad and only 14miles to the Village of Ryahovo on the Danube River. The coastal City of Varna with its famous beach resorts and international airport is about 117 miles away. The village is located approximately 220 miles to the capital City Sofia & International Sofia Airport, and about 65 miles away from the City of Bucharest (RO) and International Airport “Otopeni”.

The village has all the amenities needed for everyday life – food shops, local pubs, a post office, a community center, etc. There are regular bus services to and from the neighbouring towns and villages. The village is peaceful and suitable for holidays and living.

The population is approximately 379 people.

The church in the village is named “St. Archangel Michael” and was founded in 1881.

The Yuperska koria – century-old oak forest is a protected area in Bulgaria. It is located on the land of the village of Yuper. The protected area has an area of 23.03 ha.