Municipality of Pordim is situated in the North-Western part of Bulgaria.

The municipality is situated in the south-eastern part of District of Pleven and is the smallest of the 11 municipalities in the district. Its boundaries are as follows: to the west and northwest – Municipality of Pleven; to the east – Municipality of Levski; to the southeast – Municipality of Letnitsa, District of Lovech; to the south – Municipality of Lovech.

Its territory is crossed by the railway line Sofia-Varna, the 1st class road Sofia-Ruse, and 3rd class roads Pleven-Letnitsa / Slavyanovo-Lovech.

The region offers good condition for rural tourism. The area is typical for its lovely green meadow which alternate with charming hills. In the region there are lakes, river and caves, including the famous Devetashka Cave.

Town of Pordim is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Pordim. The town lies at 155 metres above sea level in the Danubian Plain.