Asenovo is a village in Northern Bulgaria, part of Municipality of Nikopol, District of Pleven. It was founded in 1892 by Roman Catholic 203 households of Banat Bulgarians returning to Bulgaria from the Banat.

The village is 14 miles away from the town of Nikopol and 19 miles away from the city of Pleven, on the main road between the two towns.

Asenovo’s design features straight, narrow streets. Most of the houses have a specific Banat Bulgarian architecture, being narrow and long towards the yard and having a more sharp-pointed roof than the typical Eastern Orthodox Bulgarian houses.

Asenovo is named after the Medieval Bulgarian Asen dynasty. The village has a Catholic church (of the Holy Trinity). Asenovo’s Banat Folklore Group is known for winning a total of 18 gold medals at the 5th and 6th National Fair of Folk Art in Koprivshtitsa.

The village is well developed and provides all necessary amenities for a normal living such as shops, post office, pubs, town hall, regular transport to nearby towns/cities, etc.

It is situated in an area with breathtaking scenery, suitable for picnics and walks, with fresh air and clean water.