The Municipality of Slivo Pole is located in Northeast Bulgaria and is one of the constituent municipalities of District of Ruse.

The settlement network of the municipality covers 11 villages: the villages of Babovo, Borisovo, Brashlen, Golyamo Vranovo, Kosharna, Malko Vranovo, Ryahovo, Stambolovo, Cherechovo, Yudelnik and the administrative center – Slivo Pole. It is located 15 miles away from the City of Ruse.

The population in the municipality is about 11 706 people.

There are 3 schools on the territory of the municipality, which are located in the Town of Slivo Pole, the Village of Ryahovo and in the Village of Golyamo Vranovo.

In all villages in the municipality, except the villages of Babovo, Brashlen and Chereshovo, there is a kindergarten.

The main road II-21 passes through the municipality, connecting the cities of Ruse and Silistra.

The good geographical location, as well as the developed transport infrastructure make Municipality of Slivo Pole an attractive and promising place for investments.

The largest biofuel factory in the Balkans is located in the town of Slivo Pole.

Tourism and natural landmarks:

The territory of the municipality includes part of the largest protected area in Bulgaria – “Kalimok-Brashlen Protected Area”. The “Kalimok-Brashlen Protected Area” is located on the banks of the Danube River, between the cities of Ruse and Silistra. It also includes several Danube islands. It has been declared a protected area in order to protect one of the few remaining Danube wetlands and its biological world. Important and rare plants grow on the territory of Kalimok-Brashlen, as well as several very important bird species nest. The area is suitable for ecotourism.

Aleko Island – along the Danube River. It ranks 7th in size among the Bulgarian islands. It is 200-300 meters from the Bulgarian coast near the Danube lowland Coast and 2 miles north of the Town of Slivo Pole. The island resembles a long tongue with a length of 4.6 miles and a maximum width of 0.4 miles. It is formed by river sediments with alluvial soils, overgrown mainly with poplar. The eastern part of the island falls in the protected area “Aleko-Telika”.

Lipnik Forest Park is located near the Village of Nikolovo, Municipality of Ruse. It is located in a huge forest of linden trees, hence its name. It is the largest forest park in Bulgaria.