Damyanovo is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo district.

The village is 10 miles from the town of Sevlievo, 21 miles from the town of Lovech, 20 miles from the town of Troyan, 37 miles from the city of Veliko Tarnovo and 104 miles from the capital city Sofia.

There are about 500 houses and about 500 inhabitants.

It is situated in the southern slopes of the Sevlievo Balkan. Its view is directed to the Central Stara Planina and more precisely to the Botev and Triglav peak. The peaks of Shipka and Buzludja, as well as Ambaritsa and Beklemeto, are visible.

In the valley of the village of Damyanovo flows Vidima River. Along the village there are 3 dams.

In the village of Vardim there is a town hall, a post ffice, a health service, a community center, a library, a church and shops.

The main landmarks in the area of the village are:

  • Museum at the Community center with old-fashioned costumes and household items from the 17th-19th centuries;
  • Vidima River located 3 miles from the village in the direction of the mountain. The river is suitable for sport fishing.