Vardim is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in municipality of Svishtov, District of Veliko Tarnovo. It is located on the right bank of the Danube River.

The village of Vardim is 5 miles away from from the town of Svishtov, 50 miles from the city of Veliko Tarnovo, 23 miles from the town of Byala, 45 miles from the city of Ruse, 149 miles from the city of Varna and 153 miles northeast from the capital city Sofia.

The population of the village is about 1000 inhabitants.

There is regular bus transport between the towns of Svishtov and Ruse. Access to the village is via an asphalt road.

The village is well developed. It is electrified and water-supplied.

In the village of Vardim there is a town hall, a post office, a community center with a children’s playground, a library, a shop, a kindergarten and medical services.

The area is suitable for relaxation and recreation. The Danube River offers convenient fishing spots. The village is remarkable with the rare bird reserve on Vardim, one of the largest (115 km2) of the 84 islands in the Bulgarian Danube River. There are cormorant populations, herbaceous herons and another 21 species endangered by national birds. There is also the largest bird – the sea eagle. On the island is the Old Oak Reserve – a protected area with a specific water-loving ecotype of the summer oak (Vardim oak).

There are two smaller islands in Vardim, known as Little Vardim and Haidouk Island. Around the islands during the summer months wonderful sandy hair forms in the low waters of the river, suitable for summer tourism.

East of the village, in Yankovo ​​garlo area, on June 18, 1868, the detachment of Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadja stepped on Bulgarian land. A monument was built on the site.