The village of Gorna Lipnitsa is located in the central part of The Danube plain, which is 7 miles northeast along the road from the Town of Pavlikeni. It is situated by the left side of the little river Yaliya. From the Chukata peak the whole village is plainly visible with the lineaments of yards, streets and squares. The village has got two quarters – Upper and Lower, which are distinguished with a central square and a wide street around the axis north to south. On that street, in the past, people gathered the cattle because of leading it out to pasture.

The village is located 7 miles away from the Municipal center – Town of Pavlikeni13 miles away from the own of Polski Trambesh16 miles away from the Town of Suhindol and 24 miles from the City of Veliko Tarnovo.

The population of the village is about 513 people.

The village was established in the middle of XV century. It was written down by the name of Jukara Libnitche, which, translated in Bulgarian, means exactly Gorna Lipnitsa.

Tourism and landmarks:

– The Temple Chapel “St. Ivan Rilski” – is located in the lower end of the village. Since 2005 it has existed as an active spiritual center. The temple is open for visits every day. Every day, here, pass many people – Bulgarians as well as foreigners. The interest of people is bred by the legends about the miracles, which happen and they happen on that place;

– The “St. Dimitar” Church – In the time of the Regeneration, after the construction of a monastery school in the Village of Gorna Lipnitsa, the battle for a church building began. After overcoming a lot of obstacles and formalities, in 1863, people in the village succeeded to build the church. It was constructed in the end of the village, at a vast empty place. Тhe temple has been declared a cultural monument;

– The Agricultural Museum – The agricultural museum of the Village of Gorna Lipnitsa represents the daily life and means of livelihood of our ancestors. It was open in 1965. In its essentiality and an arrangement we can see that it is the only one in our country. The museum in Gorna Lipnitsa is a basic tourist destination in the region. It is visited by both Bulgarians and foreigners. The Agricultural museum is located in four buildings, gathered at one yard ground. The first building is a specially built house that imitates rural houses 250 years before. All agricultural instruments are gathered in the Second building. These are unique objects that you can see only in Bulgaria. The third building represents an old outhouse that includes in itself a pigsty, coop and a bee-hive. In the fourth building – a special shelter – is represented the huge stock, a part of which is the first tractor that was used in the Village of Gorna Lipnitsa.


The coastal City of Varna with its famous beach resorts and international airport is about 150 miles away.

The village is located approximately 140 miles to the capital City Sofia & International Sofia Airport, and about 100 miles away to the City of Bucharest (RO) and its International Airport “Otopeni”. Also not too far is the lovely architectural City of Ruse, only 40 miles away, bordering Bulgaria and Romania on the Danube River.

It is only about 25 miles to the historical and touristic City of Veliko Tarnovo. Located on the famous “River Yantra” (the 3rd longest Bulgarian tributary of the Danube River), “VT” is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bulgaria. From its rich historical value to its thriving modern nightlife and lush natural surroundings that provide many excellent opportunities for outdoor recreational activities, Veliko Tarnovo offers you everything you could ever want for the perfect holiday!! Next to Veliko Tarnovo is the famous Ski Resort Uzana.

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