The village of Iskar is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in municipality of Gulyantsi, District  of Pleven.

The village of Iskar is situated on the right bank of the Iskar River, about 1 mile away from the Danube River. Nearby are: the village of Gigen – 2 miles, the village of Slavovitsa – 5 miles, the village of Baykal – 6 miles and the village of Krushovene – 3 miles. The village is located 15 miles away from the town of Gulyantsi and 21 miles from the city of Pleven, 115 miles from the city of Sofia, 115 miles from the city of Ruse and 209 miles from the city of Varna.

As of 2015, the population of the village of Iskar is only 288 people.

There are town hall, health services and shop.

Near the village you can visit the following sights:

– “Gendzhov Orman” is a century-old oak forest with a trees over 500 years old. The forest is located next to the Оld Iskar Рiver with the location of the village of Iskar. Since 2003 “Gendzhov Orman” is a protected area.

– The Vitskite marshes are wetlands that have formed along the Vit River. The three biggest ones are the Poddem’s swamp, the Bivolar Marsh and the Long Guliana Marsh. The Vitosite marshes are in the lands of the town of Gulyantsi, Dolna Mitropoliya and the villages of Dolni Vit, Кreta, Komarevo, Podem, Riben, Bozhuritsa, Pobeda, Bivolare, Opanets, Yasen, Tarnene, Gradina, Bejanovo, Lazar Stanevo, Petarnitsa, Sadovets and Aglen. The swamp near the village of Podem is also known as Martvitsa because it is a big swamp with stagnant “dead” water. Bivolare Marsh is a breeding ground for many bird species;

– The Ulpia Eskus Archaeological Reserve. It has been declared a monument of culture of national importance. The Ancient City of Ulpia Eskus is located northwest of the village of Gigen, about 3 miles from the mouth of the Iskar River.