Kramolin is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in municipality of Sevlievo, District of Gabrovo.

The village is located 18 miles north of the municipal center Sevlievo, on the border with the municipalities of Letnitsa and Suhindol; 25 miles east of city of Lovech, 15 miles from the nearest Pavlikeni railway station, about 43 miles west of city of Veliko Tarnovo and 35 miles north-west of the district center Gabrovo.

The population of the village is approximately 462 people.

The village has a community center, a library, a church, a school and a kindergarten.

Near the village there are remains of a late antique fortress with a church functioning from the VI century until the beginning of VII century.

In good weather there is a clear view of the Middle Stara Planina in the south – from Buzludzha peak to the east through Shipka, Triglav and Botev.

The River Magura, which flows into the Stamboliiski Dam, has cut a scenic deep gorge through the rocks, with pools and waterfalls.

Cultural and natural landmarks:

The archaeological site “The Town” – is located 2 miles southeast of the village. There are remnants of fortress walls, medieval churches and a Bolyar castle. A magnificent view of the Mugler Valley and the Stamboliiski dam can be seen from the rock wreath. The object is easily reached by a dirt road marked with signs. There is a picnic area with a shelter and a table with benches;

A unique private museum operates in Kramolin. The owner has collected tools, household items and other antique objects from Bulgarian history and turned his barn into a showroom. He himself welcomes the guests and tells about the origin and purpose of the objects. You can visit it after prior arrangement;

– A part of the village of Kramolin lies in the area of ​​Devetashko Plateau, where there are interesting karst objects: the “Vortopi” – pools with different depths, at the bottom of which there are underground rivers (which are heard with higher water);

“Alexander Stamboliyski” dam is a site with many private villas, holiday resorts, fishing spots, water sports and beach opportunities;

“Brityanov kat” dam is soon used for irrigation and now this micro dam offers fishing opportunities against payment. It is located in the direction of Agatovo, and it leads to a dirt road to the right through the plum gardens.