The village of Lyubenovo is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Nikopol, District of Pleven.

The village is 8 miles south of the town of Nikopol and 25 miles northeast of the city of Pleven. The neighboring village of Vabel is 3 miles northwest. The capital city Sofia is 128 miles southwest.

The village is relatively well arranged with asphalted and illuminated central streets. Water and electricity networks are built. All mobile operators have coverage.

The population of the village is only 193 people.

There is a town hall, a community center, a shop and a restaurant.The nearest doctor and dentist work in the neighboring village of Vabel, and the nearest hospital is in the district center of Pleven. The nearest educational institutes are in the town of Nikopol.

The village of Lyubenovo is famous for its historical site Manastira, which is located south of the village.

Tourism and landmarks:

  • “Elia” fountain – it is a monument of culture. It was built in the 2nd century in memory of the woman Elia, who was the wife of the Roman citizen Fronton. At the front of the fountain there is a tombstone of Elia, on which Fronton has expressed her grief for her early death. To reach the fountain visitors walk through a wonderful promenade. It is located in the southern part of the town of Nikopol;
  • “The Nikopol Fortress” – is located near the town of Nikopol. From the fortress is preserved known by its name Shishman’s door.
  • Natural Park “Persina”, which covers the 19 Belene Islands, is another landmark nearby (12 miles). The uniqueness and ecological importance of the park consists in the fact that there are three biosphere reserves: Persinski marshes– a wetland of international importance inhabited by numerous colonies of waders; Milka and Kitka, covering the eponymous islands of the archipelago, are preserved floodplain forests (white willow and poplar). Here they nest in pairs of eagles – a rare species, included in The ” Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria ” and in The book ” The European Red List of Birds ” and Protected area “Kaikusha”.