The village of Muselievo is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Nikopol, District of Pleven.

The village is located 25 miles away from the city of Pleven and 7 miles from the town of Nikopol. The neighboring village of Evlogievo is 2 miles east. The capital city Sofia is 128 miles southwest. The Osam River passed near the village.

By 2015 the population of the village is about 775 people.

Cultural and natural landmarks:

– At the northern end of the village of Muselievo, on the road Pleven – Nikopol there is an oak, which is more than 500 years old;

– There are remnants of a Paleolithic field in the southwestern part of the village on the banks of Osam River;

– There are many caves in the village. One of them is known for the extremely rare type of bats that are protected and  strictly guarded. These animals have been studied by Austrian scientists for nearly 7 years. Legends are known for the largest cave. It is called “Nanny Stone”, and the name comes from a girl who is delighted by the fact that the Turkish Bey falls in love with her and asks her for her wife at all costs, after which she throws herself out of this 100-meter rock and dies so that she is never his;

The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker;

Each year during the last week of August, a traditional fair featuring “Holiday at the end of the summer” is organized by the community center “Petko Simeonov”.

In 2004, Asparuh Angelov published the book “Muselievo. Time Travel” which is dedicated to the history of the village of Muselievo – from antiquity until 1965. In it you will find a description of the political, cultural and economic events in the village that are rich in illustrative material. After that, Asparuh published a second part, in which authentic folk songs and bulgarian folk costumes are gathered.