Nikyup is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, District of Veliko Tarnovo.

It is 15 miles from the city of Veliko Tarnovo, 55 miles from the city of Ruse, 65 miles from the city of Pleven, 140 miles from city of Varna and 150 miles from the capital city Sofia.

The village of Nikyup is located in a foothill area, in the central part of the Danube Plain. The Rositsa River is nearby.

The population of the village is approximately 400 people.

The remains of the ancient Roman city of Nicopolis ad Istrum (“Victory City at the Danube”) are only 1 mile from the village of Nikyup, 11 miles north of the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo. The ruins of the Roman and Early Byzantine cities are situated on a high plateau on the banks of the Rositsa River. The city was founded in the 2nd century by the Roman emperor Mark Ulli Traian (98-117) in honor of his victory over the Dacians (106th). That is why it is so called – Nicopolis ad Istrum in translation means “Town of the victory of the Danube”. Today, ruins are accessible for tourist visits.

A lapidarium with archaeological finds from the ancient Roman settlement of Nicopolis ad Istrum is in Nikyup. Several columns, sarcophagus lids, marble building blocks were collected in the open-air museum, providing rich information about the architecture at that time.

In the center of the village there is a monument for the dead Nikyupens in all wars.

The Nikyup Cape on the Trinity Peninsula in Antarctica is named in honor of the settlement.