Ostritsa is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in Municipality of Dve mogili, District of Ruse.

It is 8 miles southeast of the town of Dve Mogili, 29 miles south of city of Ruse, 116 miles northwest of the city of Varna and 176 miles northeast of the capital city Sofia.

Regular bus transport services the village.

The population is approximately 310 people.

Ostritsa is located in the valley of the Cherni Lom River in the eastern part of the Danube Plain.

Ostritsa is a well-developed village, electrified, water-supplied and with built communication networks.

There is a town hall, a post office, a community center with a library, an Orthodox church and various commercial sites. The health service and the educational institutions are in the municipal center – Dve Mogili.

Interesting landmarks near the village are:

“Orlova Chuka” cave (4 miles away) – the second longest cave in Bulgaria. Next to the cave is the chalet with the same name, where there are conditions for barbecue, archery, riding, green school, etc.;

The “St. Marina” Monastery (5 miles away) in the village of Karan Varbovka – one of the old Bulgarian monasteries that arose during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The monastery is open all year round;

The medieval town of Cherven (13 miles away) – an archaeological site with a significant contribution to the study of the medieval Bulgarian culture.